"Green" business behind clothing fabrics

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Outdoor sports brands seem to have taken a new direction, and functionality is no longer the only primary feature of products. After functionality, consumers and brands have increasingly attached importance to environmental protection. This trend was even more evident at the recently held 17th Asian Sportswear and Fashion Exhibition (ISPO). At this year's exhibition, many exhibitors launched environmentally friendly products, including the functional technology fabric brand GORE-TEX, which announced the launch of a new composite fabric using BIONIC recycled textiles, providing environmentally friendly solutions for the brand from the fabric level.

When discussing the development perspective of the industry's environmental protection trend, Wang Haoli, the sales director of the GORE-TEX brand in Greater China, was very expectant. He told the reporter, "We see that consumers are increasingly accepting of products, so we can see that many of our cooperative brands have taken product environmental protection and sustainable development as a brand strategy."“

How can fabrics be environmentally friendly?

It is understood that this time, GORE-TEX launched a new composite fabric using BIONIC recycled textiles, some of which are composed of recycled plastic waste from the coast, with environmental characteristics and waterproof, windproof, and breathable properties.